Since our inception in 2013, we have become one of the most prolific and well-known eSports and content organizations in the world, and we want to continue to do so in the years to come.

Our core mission is to field players that compete at the highest levels, and those who strive to entertain the masses in the most popular competitive video games. We want to bring careers to the best of the best of video gamers and entertainers from around the world.

Many years ago, we created a solution for this idea – Awaken Reserve. This idea allowed us to help individual entertainers and players who have the dedication to grind and build their craft, and carve their legacy year after year.

The relaunch has been approved unanimously by our management and staff earlier this week. This takes our complementary strengths to create a unique competitor to major organizations with unprecedented capabilities in competitive gaming, community and broadcast opportunities, in multiple fields to breed the best and upcoming talent and continue to exceed expectations in a thriving industry.

We take pride in creating a culture where nothing is primary over, which has made us one of the most successful y in the business and we produce undeniable value and excitement to both our partners who collaborate with us and the fans who witness our players’ online and offline greatness around the world.

Tristin Chambers, founder and CEO of Awaken, commented on the relaunch of Awaken Reserve stating “We at Awaken are always focused on helping to give everyone the opportunities to build their brand, giving them the resources and support to achieve their goals, while doing so with like minded people from around the world. Awaken was built on the idea that if you work hard, put in the effort and grind with every ounce of passion and dedication, you will achieve what you set for yourself. I am happy to bring back Awaken Reserve, and invite all to come and be part of it.”

All of us at Awaken are immensely proud of our achievements, but importantly of the support we receive through our loyal and dedicated fans throughout the world, and we hope you are ready for the newest chapter in our legacy.