Awaken Streamer Spotlight – Jayson Wyler

Posted by admin July 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

We at Awaken are excited to announce that Jayson Wyler is joining our team as a streamer. He is a veteran and now a streamer with a worldwide fanbase, and we decided to sit down and have him tell us a little bit about himself in a special Streamer Spotlight, powered by AgentInk.

T: Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Jayson: I am currently 31 years young and reside in the (currently very hot) state of Texas.  I have experience in a wide array of fields that have led me here today.  I have done food service for 10+ years, work with youth and young adults in various environments, kennel and veterinary technician, healthcare experience in behavioral/mental health, military service, a Parkour/Ninja Warrior Coach, and fitness instructor for anyone 3 years and older.

I currently spend approximately 35+ hours a week live streaming on regular weeks and about 25+ hours on off weeks when I need a bit of extra time to catch up on some off-stream tasks.  In addition, I also am one of 9 contributors to a multi-contributor channel on Twitch called DragonBlogger.  I am also an active member and “Raid Coordinator” of an amazing, supportive community called Team B42. 

T: How long have you been streaming for, and what games do you like to play?

Jayson: I started getting into streaming in March 2020, and it took awhile to try to find a groove for it.  I didn’t get myself onto a consistent schedule until April 2020.  I hit my Affiliate on May 18, 2020 and have continued to stream consistently since then despite some setbacks. 

Growing up, JRPGs were where I spent the majority of my gaming time.  I love the grinding, farming, and just spending hundreds of hours maxing out each little aspect of the game.  However, for streaming purposes, I have found myself trying out different games that I never really thought I would enjoy.  Fortnite is an excellent example of this.  I started my first season of Fortnite in April and I have been having a blast with it.  Which then led me to try out other multiplayer games like Smite, COD Warzone, Paladins, etc; some I liked, others I didn’t.  I am still a JRPG boy at heart and will continue to ride that train till the end of my time.

What do you like the most about streaming and do you have any personal goals?

Jayson: My most favorite part about streaming so far is the fact that it has challenged me to be an open-minded gamer.  I have gotten to meet SO MANY awesome people through playing different games I never thought I would enjoy.  The people that I have met through the multiplayer games have been nothing short of A-FREAKIN-MAZING.  Sure, I have gotten my fair share of trolls and toxic people, but overall, I love the people that I have gotten to meet because of those games.

My current goals are –

1)  Try to make streaming a feasible, livable gig for me.  I am just starting out so I have a ways to go. It takes a lot of work on stream and off-stream as well.

2)  I am a beginner at these games, but I am starting to test out the competitive waters to see if competitive gaming is for me.  Current order of most time spent: Fortnite, Smite, and Paladins.  These games are about 2-3 months new to me.

3)  Content creation.  My current goal is to crank out 1 video a week to start and see if I can develop myself that way.

T: What are your favorite things to do when you are not streaming?

Jayson: Other than the typical day-to-day things such as taking care of my dog, cooking meals, cleaning, and working out, I spend a good deal of my off-stream time working on stream and content improvement, socializing with others, practicing certain games to get better and more competitive, and try to catch some R&R in JRPGs in the rare moments I get to myself.  

It is a great pleasure to welcome Jayson to our organization as a new streamer and we promise you will love what he has to offer on his stream!