Awaken to combat harassment in gaming with a new SHARP policy.

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Lincoln, NE – June 30th, 2020 – Awaken Militia and its’ management team are pleased to announce the restructuring and improvement of its’ SHARP policy and Equal Opportunity policy to form a equal opportunity for professional players, management and entertainers in the global gaming industry.

Back in 2016, our management team became proactive in trying to stop the behavior of sexual harassment, along with establishing equal opportunities for all people in our organization and community. Given recent instances across all areas of Esports and Gaming – from streamers, to executives, and more that have sparked a movement, we feel the need to update our policies to reflect the change systemically that will come in gaming.

As of now, we are changing and instituting a new Sexual Harassment/Asssault Response & Prevention policy to combat these issues, to ensure people do not have to feel afraid and know accountability will be ensured.

The policy criteria are as stated below.

⦁ The attempt to initate such conduct by a person is used as basis for affecting someone’s job performance or entitled decisions, or purpose/effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, and offensive environment.
⦁ Making sexual jokes, gestures, or remarks

⦁ Making comments about an individual’s appearance, body, clothing, or sexual behavior.
⦁ Spreading sexual rumors about an individual.
⦁ Persistent, unwanted requests for social (dates) or sexual activity..
⦁ Making and/or posting inappropriate sexual remarks to, or photos of, an individual via social media sites, text message, or email.
⦁ Conduct of a sexual nature intended to embarrass, intimidate, demean, or degrade an individual.
⦁ Intimidating someone in a sexual manner.

Tristin Chambers, the owner and Chairman of Awaken Militia, commented on this stating “I just like many of you have been shocked, disgusted and appalled by the stories that have come out across the gaming world. There is no room in this world for sexual harassment, assault or un-equal treatment. The improvement and changes to this policy I and other made years ago, shows we are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and community driven organization and fanbase.”

Alyssa B., the CEO of Awaken Militia, also commented on this stating “I believe that this policy is very crucial to have set in place, especially with not only the recent events in content creating, but everyday events for people. We will make sure that this policy is enforced because no one deserves discrimination for gender, race, color, sexual orientation, disability, national origin and much more; We also want to that no one receives any form of sexual harassment from Awaken Militia’s owner, staff, content creators, and players, and fans.”