A sincere apology to the #AwakenMilitia and the community

Posted by admin June 17, 2020 in Uncategorized


My name is Tristin Chambers, the founder and owner of Awaken. As many of you have heard, there was a situation regarding claims on a multitude of things.

I do not want to address the claims and allegations, as they are being handled and mitigated as we speak, but I do want to say that when able, a full statement will be made.

I want to apologize because this is not what Awaken stands for, we stand for giving an organization everyone can be proud of and can support, and in these incidents, I and the org may have failed in that. I, as of this time, will be stepping back from my role as CEO for the time being, and the acting CEO will be Umbreon, and Castaway will be the acting COO. The podcast I also run in coordination with Awaken, will be not tied to Awaken and will be on my personal channels for time being. I will not have any decision making ability until the appropriate time

What we are going to do moving forward is making changes, fix these issues or concerns before they ever happen, and create even more meaningful change, make sure things like this are never seen again, and that we do what’s best, and keep Awaken as the best org and family ever.

Thank you,

Tristin Chambers.