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Harlem Dillon


I've been a competitive fifa player for around a year now, I've been playing Fifa since 2001 when It was on the PS2,  My biggest accomplishments have to be my games against Tass and DK Bryan on FUT17, We played a very close match for the both of them aswell as my online record for FUT13, If i can remember correctly it was 256-11-6, I really hit my stride in FUT13 took a break away then started to play alot more in Fifa 16 then In Fifa 17 I clocked over 2,000 games and as of 15/10/2017 - I have over 320 games played already, I'm looking forward to this season of Competitive Fifa so I can finally show what I can do, I have alot of work to do and alot of progression to be made but I'll get there very shortly!!!