Awaken: Moving into 2018!

Sat 30th Dec 2017 - 7:17pm : General


My name is Tristin Chambers, the CEO of Awaken. As many of you know, 2018 is days away from coming and we couldn't be more excited at Awaken for the new year. Today, I want to share with you the management roster that we have going into 2018, what they do for the Awaken organization, as well as tell you about some of the great plans we have for you.

First, I want to share the core values that I built Awaken off of, and the new values we'll be adding to, which will help improve our vision in 2018: The biggest ones are providing you guys the best experience in gaming entertainment and in eSports, giving you (our supporters) a truly unique and impressive organization, even to the level of some of the greatests. Next, building a organization that is truly treated and also felt like a family, which gives people around the world, improving the ability for people to grow their craft, improve their talent and build a career with people of the same mindset, whether in ESports or content. Lastly, the biggest value of all is helping to improve excellence from players, content creators, and alike and making sure that in an always improving world, that we are exceeding expectations so we can build a passionate ESports organization.

Now the management roster, there is me as the CEO of Awaken. The main things I'm responsible for is executively running the organization, making sure that everybody is happy, making the majority of business decisions to make the organization successful, along setting the visions and goals we as a organization want to have.

Next, Tyler Thomas is our Chief Administrative Officer, who is in charge of the Administrative and other day to day operations when able, which ranges from helping to get our goals and business plans in motion, Human Resources, etc.

For our branding, content, and marketing department, Jason Collins is our Chief Branding Officer. He is in charge of executing and perfecting the global image, assisting with public relations, helping me and our SM team with social media outlets, and being a key spokesperson. Our Chief Content Officer is John Dulik, who started with us in 2017 as stream manager. He will be responsible for managing the content department on YouTube and Twitch, helping me and our staff set the direction for the engaging and high quality content and entertainment we set to provide our fans, and more. Our Chief Marketing Officer is Nathaniel “Nemesis” Ervin”, who will be in charge of all marketing aspects of the organization, including finding and creating new ways for us to market and promote not only the organization, but our players, entertainers and sponsors as a priority first.

Our general manager we’re bringing into 2018 is Skrim, most notable for his time in eRa Eternity. He will be in charge of many day to day operations, with oversight from me and other key staff members, making sure the organization is being ran efficiently and effectively to our plans and goals, among more.

For our development department, our Chief Development Director is Bowie, someone new to the Awaken organization who will be tasked with developing and creating new opportunities, ideas, and ways for us to become a truly better organization for you. Alongside him is Oskar Drakenberg, our head of business development, who has experience as the former GM of Reason Gaming, among others. He will be tasked with ensuring and perfecting the growth of the organization, helping to secure business deals and many other things.

Lastly, the plans we have for you guys going into 2018 are beyond anything that we or our competitors, big or small are doing, some that I can’t share with you too. First, we are going to be producing more entertainment content for our fans, centered around multiple games, and also content made by our players to showcase the talent they have through highlights, IRL content, and more people giving you the ability to build a relationship with those in our organization and see the great times in our organization they have. We also want to focus on listening to you guys on ways we can make the organization better, by going into certain games that may be on the rise, or supporting a certain streamer, etc. Without your input and feedback, we can’t deliver on the values I spoke about earlier. These are just some of the great things we have planned.

Thank you guys so much,

Tristin Chambers



Tristin Chambers

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