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Mon 18th Dec 2017 - 8:28pm : General


My name is Tristin Chambers, many of you know me as the CEO and founder of Awaken. Today, I want to talk with you and let you know about my thoughts on how Awaken did in 2017 from an entertainment & ESports viewpoint, and overall this year as an organization, as well as where the future of Awaken will be heading for its respective divisions, etc in 2018.

First off, I as the owner of the organization have been never been more prouder of our players (past or present), the entertainers and streamers we have, the incredible staff who helps me make this organization great, and of course you guys, our fan base this year. Without your loyal support, we here at Awaken would not be the org we are today. I’m extremely proud of our League of Legends roster this year, placing 3rd in its first season with us, proud of the other teams and major players, for instance in our CSGO, Smash and CoD divisions, among the others we have. The performance and dedication that all our players have shown signals exemplary, talent and greatness, the qualities I built the organization on.

Secondly, I want to mention that we have a majorly new and restructured staff going into 2018. The people we have behind the scenes in our management are not only excellent, but I hope that they will be the best in the ESports industry, and will help us become better than all of our competitors in the gaming space.

Some of the new people we have brought on are Skrim, our new general manager who I feel will elevate and help the brand in the best way possible in day to day operations. Bowie, a new member of our organization going into 2018, is going to be our Chief Development Officer, responsible for helping all the management with the development of the Awaken brand. I’m happy as well to say we’ve brought on Austin Anderson, the former CEO of InvisionGG as our ESports Director. This is great for us as it gives a chance to improve our ESports division and also have someone who can be helping the players, whether it be coaching, making sure things are okay and more. I also want to say we’ve promoted John Dulik, who was our stream manager to the position of Chief Content Officer, where he will be in charge of our YouTube and live entertainment divisions. These are all things that will be great for the organization and being able to have a complex management running everything effectively and efficiently.

Next, I want to talk about new things that we’ll be introducing to you guys, our audience. First off, we’ll be rolling out an Awaken based series on the channel called “Awakening”, where you will get to know members from all aspects of the organization, their gaming background, what they do at Awaken, and see a day in their life. This will be something special for you guys as it gives you all a extra way to connect with us and build a relationship on another level that no other brand can. Also, we’ll be teaming up with organizations and entertainment brands around the community to put on community events with you guys, charity events, playing with you guys when we are live, and many more things. We also are going to focus on giving back to you guys, and listening to your opinion through each month as to how we as a organization are doing and how we can improve and make this organization something that people can look up to.

These are what I can share with you guys for the future of Awaken going into 2018, and I hope you will be as excited or even more than I am for all these great things!

Thank you all so much,

Tristin Chambers





Tristin Chambers

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