Awaken recruits Ashley "Toukames" Potts as a streamer

Tue 5th Jul 2016 - 1:49am : General

We at Awaken are excited to announce that Ashley ”Toukames” Potts is joining our team as a streamer. She is an experienced veteran streamer with a worldwide fanbase, and we decided to sit down and have her tell us a little bit about herself.

Tristin: Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Ashley: Well I'm Ashley I'm 22 I started gaming when I was about 14 I started in a competitive sniping team called XGeN. I did comp sniping for a while then started doing YouTubw on my first channel ever named xlegitx3 after a year break I came back into the community and tried MLG. Couldn't find a solid team so quit that. Currently I'm trying to do gamebattles and tourneys for Overwatch and mostly stream and build up my twitch because it's something I have always enjoyed playing Call of Duty.

Tristin: How long have you been streaming for, and what games do you like to play?

Ashley: Streaming not very long maybe about a month or so? I play anything from Cod to Fallout any new game that comes out that I can afford at the time. Currently I stream a lot of Overwatch.

Tristin: What do you like the most about streaming and do you have any personal goals?

Ashley: What I like most about streaming is I can do what I love to do and while hopefully entertaining people and be that person people can talk to for advice and such if need be. And personal goals for me is make it where people can say they enjoy me as a streamer and gamer and maybe make it somewhere in the community.

Tristin: What are your favorite thing to do when you are not streaming?

Ashley: I like to go hang out with friends, go to the beach be out on adventures with my puppies or hanging out with my fiancé or gaming for fun off stream


It is a great pleasure to welcome Ashley to our organization as a new streamer and we promise you will love what she has to offer!



Tristin Chambers

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