AwakenMilitia Announces New Management for 2015-2016 Year!

Tue 27th Oct 2015 - 9:26pm : General
The brand, Awaken, has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, with the development of our teams and social media talent.  We are working to get additional new sponsors in order to become part of a stronger competitive market. As a result, we have decided to restructure our management and staff for the rest of 2015, and coming into the 2016 year. We believe the changes best reflect the professionalism of all levels of our operations, on a day to day basis.
Management Restructuring
Our Chief Officers will work and vote on upper-level decision-making for the brand of Awaken and serves as the main point of contact for our brand now and in the coming weeks. After revising the proper titles and responsibilities, along with restructuring of management positions, the following individuals constitute our Executive Management Team:
  • Tristin "TaZe" Chambers, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Eric "Spectre" Rodriguez, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
  • Mark "Alpha" Williams, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Eric "Spectre" Rodriguez., Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
  • Jason "Prophet" Collins, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • James "Superior" Jackson, Chief Development Officer (CDO)

Awaken Staff

Positions related to content and media have been relegated to staff-level positions of Awaken. Various aspects of the organization have been placed into separate conglomerates or groups, with a full staff listing provided below:
  • Administrative Department
    • Andrew "Riot" Jackson., CAO
  • Operations Department
    • Mark "Alpha" Williams, COO
    • Mark "Alpha" Williams, Director of Operations
    • , CoD Team Manager
  • Communications Department
    • Eric "Spectre" Rodriguez, CCO and Editor-in-Chief
    • Jason "Prophet" Collins, CMO and Social Media Director
    • Social Media Team
      • Andrew "Riot" Jackson, Social Media Coordinator
    • Design Team
      • [POSITION OPEN], Creative Director
    • Stream/Video Team
      • Eric "Spectre" Rodriguez", YouTube Media Manager
      • [POSITION OPEN], Stream Director
Stay tuned for updates as we work on filling positions for our staff team for the future of our brand in the near future


Eric Rodriguez

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