Sat 21st Jan 2017 - 6:07pm : Gaming

Awaken is pleased to announce today that we have signed professional Smash pro player and SSMB-extraordinaire Claudio "Chit0" Bardales to our Smash division.

Picking up Chit0 marks our first major talent within the Smash title, with his recent top performances such as placing 358th at EVO 2016 and recently in the top 128 at Genesis 4 this weekend, we're confident he will continue to improve and leave a lasting mark on the competitive Smash 4 scene.

Claudio "Chit0" had this to say about joining Awaken and its' Smash division: “I am excited and happy to be the newest player for Awaken in Smash, and I'd like to thank them for this opportunity!"

Tristin Chambers, the founder of Awaken eSports, gave the following statement about picking up Chit0: "Personally, I am incredibly hyped about Awaken , especially with someone as talented as Claudio. After having many talks with him, I can say that he is the type of player that fits what we at Awaken are looking for in Smash, and I cannot wait to see him represent us at events in 2017.”

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