Awaken Returns to Halo

Tue 19th Jul 2016 - 1:49am : Gaming

We at Awaken are happy to announce our return to Halo with a new squad that is qualified for the upcoming 2050eSports event in Chattanooga, TN on September 3-4th.

“Our decision to come and play under Awaken was an easy one for us, we already knew about them through friends in the community and are a well-respected organization that would fit good for us, and we look forward to compete for them in events such as Chatt2050 and raise the Awaken name higher than before.”

— Kalonji “Phobia” Regusters, Awaken Halo Captain/Player

“We are happy to bring Halo to Awaken finally and are looking forward to seeing what they can do on stage. We see a team who has dedicated themselves to this game, which we have been searching for, and this team is in the direction we are looking to head into.”

— Eric “Spectre” Rodriguez, Awaken Chief of Staff

Moving forward, the official Awaken Halo roster is as follows

Kalonji “Phobia” Regusters
Matthew “MAW” Willie
Corey “Empyre” Carr
Chase “Teck” Duvernay

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