AwakenMilitia Announces It's First CS:GO Roster for 2016!

Sat 19th Dec 2015 - 12:15am : Gaming

Counterstrike has one of the fastest growing eSports arenas in the scene. TSM, Cloud9, and Team Liquid are some of the teams involved in this unique game. With companies such as ESEA hosting weekly/monthly events and the game's developer (Valve) hosting tournaments boasting hundreds of thousands of dollars or prize money; the game's success in esports is absolutely guaranteed. Not only has the developer invested this vast amount into esports, but they have built a game with realistic tanks, warfare, and environment.

After a considerable amount of time and planning, Awaken is excited to announce that we have acquired a Counter Strike: Global Offensive roster. The team is going to participate in the Season 9 League of CEVO-IM. According to the team captain, Turbulent and the other players, their main goal is to be a real contender in the world of Counter Strike, understanding that there is a lot of work to get there.

At the helm of the new team is Turbulent, an experienced support player and vocal team captain, spoke about the acquisition; 

“Me and the team are super excited to be joining the Awaken family, and coming into 2016, we hope qualify for the ESL premiership and break into Counterstrike, as an emerging team. I'd like to thank Awaken making our move so effortless and the team for constantly performing and putting the hours in to practice. [We] look forward to playing under the Awaken brand!”

Rounding out the roster are five fantastic high level players from the North America scene, the full roster is as follows;

Entry/ IGL: Crunch

Support: Tyron

Awp/ Rifle : Turbulent

Lurker/ Support: Tre Scatti

Rifleman: Skults


The team will be looking to make their mark coming into 2016 by re-qualifying for the ESL premiership and we look forward to seeing them compete under the Awaken brand.

Finally, we would like to clarify their position with regards to the forthcoming season of the ESL premiership; due to our previous roster being unable to compete during the group stages of the second season Awaken has forfeited their spot in the relegation tournaments and will have to requalify in the upcoming tournament early in 2016. We have every faith in our new roster and will be supporting them every step of the way!




Eric Rodriguez

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