Official statement: Apology to our fans and others

Tue 23rd Jan 2018 - 6:48am


My name is Tristin Chambers, the owner of Awaken. As many of you have heard, there was a situation regarding a player who was with us and another individual. Today I want to be transparent with you and tell you what happened, what we did right and wrong, and how we plan to move forward as well as an apology.

First, an incident broke out in our team group chat between Karmz, who was a player in FIFA and another individual who we planned to bring on as a GM. The comments that were made were being insensitive in regards to a hate group and a comment some would say was demeaning to a specific women, which we didn’t agree with. As a owner, I struggled between my personal feelings for the player and the principle of giving a second chance, and kicking Karmz, or suspending both individuals for the drama. He had received a 10-14 day suspension to clean up his act as an infraction, while the individual who was not in our org yet received a 2-5 day suspension for how he acted in responding, while still defending his beliefs.

What we did right was taking action immediately to try and resolve the situation and work on negotiating with both parties to come to a peaceful resolution both would be happy with, what we did wrong was not considering the position it put us in, while trying to be neutral.

Now, I’d like to apologize because this is not what Awaken is, and one mistake from Karmz who lost his temper doesn’t define the whole organization or who I am, my beliefs and morals. I want to apologize because this is not what Awaken stands for, we stand for giving a organization everyone can be proud of and can support, and in this incident, may have failed in that.

What we are going to do moving forward is adhering to a zero tolerance policy we will be reinstating to make sure things like this are never seen again, and that we do what’s best.

Thank you,

Tristin Chambers.



Tristin Chambers

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