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Sun 9th Apr 2017 - 11:26pm

After a very long time of listening to our fanbase and hearing the suggestions and support given to us, I've realized that we at Awaken have a huge opportunity within competitive gaming and media entertainment this year, especially to give back to you guys for all our recent success. Given our success and dominance in titles like League of Legends, Overwatch, H1Z1, and our domiance in the gaming entertainment scene, we knew this is the time to create the next generation, and we believe we have found something truly special in the things we have to share with you.

First, we have been focusing focused on providing you guys with the best of the best entertainers and directors, however with 2017, this year marks an innovative time where new creators with untapped potential and talent that are creatingand producing better high-quality media and streaming content than ever before. As a YouTuber who has been in the gaming scene for 5 years, I've gotten the ability to witness great talent and personality go unnoticed. With our organization rapidly expanding worldwide and to many new titles with major opportunities, we are looking for people who are able to create the high quality media and provide a unique entertainment experience while interacting with our fanbase, therefore I am officially announcing the begining of this year's Awaken Recruitment Challenge, powered by GamerCrates!

Secondly, I and part of our management quickly came to the conclusion that expanding into new titles is going to be a huge opportunity within competitive gaming and media entertainment. Given our success with other titles, such as Overwatch and League of Legends, we knew this is the time to be a leader in eSports domiance and to drive this industry to greater opportunities, and we believe we have found something truly special in the games we chose. First, we have decided to expand into World of Tanks, where we will field teams across the world looking to make a name for themselves in a title with a legendary background. Next, we're going to be expanding further into the Fighting Game community, by moving into Street Fighter, Brawlhalla, For Honor, and more. We believe taking this direction will have great opportunities to make a name for Awaken within the community worldwide. This also means we will be launching a FGC Developmental Academy for amaetur players and entertainers around the world to work on developing their talent.

Lastly, I want to build opportunities with companies, charities and other organizations around the world. With a lot of competition in eSports and gaming entertainment, we as owners tend to forget that we are all alike and in eSports and entertainmenr for the same reasons, which is to build the newest powerhouse and gaming entertainment hubs in the world today, and we at Awaken would like to announce we're going to be starting a program to connect and work with more organizations and entertainers, regardless of being individuals or being in another organization. This allows not only Awaken and our entertainers around the world, but other organizations and entertainers in the world to help each other, grow each other, and support the eSports community more than ever before. As of today, we're going to be starting Awaken Reserve, a developmental program for all types of gamers and professionals to connect and work together to build the community we have to greater hights.

I believe all of these goals are things that we can set out to accomplish, they also are ways to continue pushing Awaken and the community forward. Additionally if there is anything you guys want to see us take part in or create, please reach out to me or any staff. You are the reason why not only I get to continue my dream and life's work in gaming entertainment over the last 5 years, but as a eSports owner and revolutionizer myself.

Thank you so much,
Tristin Chambers,
CEO, Awaken eSports



Tristin Chambers

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