Awaken Streamer Spotlight – Lenox Knight

Mon 15th Aug 2016 - 10:13pm

We at Awaken are excited to announce that Lenox Knight is joining our team as a streamer. She is an experienced veteran streamer, model and actress with a worldwide fanbase, and our Chief Marketing Officer, Jason decided to sit down and have her tell us a little bit about herself.

Jason: Hey Lenox, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Lenox: Originally, I'm from Atlanta, GA, but when adulthood hit I gave up the Georgia peaches for palm trees and zero humidity in the lovely city of Los Angeles. I'm an all around entertainer trained in acting, dancing, and singing. I'm also a major nerd. Pretty much any anime is my binge show of choice, and I also love creating my own clothes and cosplays. I've been a gamer since the tender age of 6 and have taken that passion into streaming on Twitch.

Jason: How long have you been streaming for, and what games do you like to play?

Lenox: I've been 3 1/2 months. I love love love playing Smite. It's my first MOBA and my favorite game to play/stream. I'm also looking to add in some other games on my casual Sunday stream. So stay tuned for some new content coming soon.

Jason: What do you like the most about streaming and do you have any personal goals?

Lenox: I really enjoy the community aspect of streaming, how there's the ability to play, chat, and be around like minded people that all love the same game. My current personal goals for streaming are to become a Twitch Partner. I also strive to bring people together in a positive way through gaming and having fun.

Jason: What are your favorite thing to do when you are not streaming?

Lenox: I currently am a model, actress, and cosplayer model outside of streaming. I also enjoy creating my own digital content, which is mostly acting, directing, and editing.

It is a great pleasure to welcome Lenox to our organization as a new streamer and we promise you will love what she has to offer every time she streams and you can catch her live at her stream to watch all the live streaming she will do in the future!





Eric Rodriguez

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