Awaken to Launch Worldwide Content and Streaming Recruitment Challenge

Fri 8th Jul 2016 - 3:00am

In the past, we focused on providing you guys with regular content, however with 2016, this year marks an innovative time where new creators with untapped potential and talent that are creatingand producing better high-quality media and streaming content than ever before. With our organization rapidly expanding worldwide and to many new titles with major opportunities, we are looking for people who are able to create the high quality media and provide a unique entertainment experience while interacting with our supporters.

As of this time, our media department is now looking for content producers who cover a multitude of topics in games such as: CS:GO, Call of Duty, Smite, League of Legends, Halo, Dota 2, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm while focusing on entertainment, tips and tricks, personality, news relating to the game sponsor-centered videos, in-game recaps and event highlights, entertainment & personality and viewer suggested videos/content. This allows us to revitalize that our content matches what we want to provide our supporters and corporate partners worldwide by keeping quality content production as a top priority for our media and entertainment ventures worldwide.

Awaken is prepared to jump start its media presence, and we want to do so by having that top-quality content from around the world and we want the next generation of professional creators, stream personalities and talent to be behind all of it, and we have high personal standards, and it is my pleasure to announce that we are starting a worldwide search in every region for talented entertainers, content producers, commentators and streamers to help us redesign the area of gaming entertainment and media. We'd love to see people reach out to us and ask how can I make the quality of my videos or streams as  professional and polished as possible, and show us your know how to make the quality content and streams that will redesign the community and make it as entertaining as possible.

We'd like to see potential recruits interacting with our supporters and getting their feedback, we want to see content creators that will take Awaken to the next level worldwide, and we want streamers who can provide that same experience  and we will in return, give back support to those with the dedication and passion and maybe do some creative and innovative ways to grow our reach, and the creators and streamers we have had and have right now are a prime example of what we are looking for and what the community needs to progress.



Eric Rodriguez

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