Regarding Awaken eSports and PrestigeKnives/RealCSGOCases

Tue 5th Jul 2016 - 7:05pm

Many became surprised last night when it was announced that RealCSGOCases, also formerly known as PrestigeKnives, was outed out as a scam by it's former staff, and due to the amount of negative sentiment in the community regarding the operations of PrestigeKnives/RealCSGOCases, we have decided to effectively release and terminate their involvement with our organization. 

Yesterday, the former Director of Partnerships, @SmoothCowbell, released a statement noting all of the giveaways hosted by PrestigeKnives/RealCSGOCases were all setup to be fake. After we talked with him privately, he goes on to note that the reasons on the giveaways being fake are usually because they were gambled away by the owner, known as Paul, and that there currently are fake giveaways going on, such as a recent Gamma Doppler Gut Knife giveaway.

This image is from a steam account who was said to have won a giveaway, however nothing was in his inventory.

This image shows Paul, the owner of PrestigeKnives/RealCSGOCases being noticed as the winner of the giveaway and transfering items to his own account as a moderator.

There was also a tweet from the SkinFame account, that has recently been deleted showing the owner, Paul having more than 1 million coins in his account on the site. Paul tried to hide this by saying that he is a Moderator on the gambling website. The screenshot proved that he has full access to the website, also to change his balance amount.

Smooth, also goes on to mention the following in his statement  "that during my time at Prestige Knives and Gamerpacks, many others would complain to me in DMs about not receiving their products, receiving stuff from special deals, to not receiving it at all, to having the product being damaged and mistreated before shipping. The way Paul would handle the situation after being told was very child like. Sometimes I would never receive a response on the subject or the subject would have been changed, still making the process harder than it needed to be which made it quite awkward between him and the customers."

As a company and global brand, at this time we will no longer have  no involvement with or ties to RealCSGOCases or any other companies made by their owner and our board of directors have advised our players and the community to avoid further relationships with their company that may be deemed as negligent by the vocal community.




Jason Collins

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