Awaken announces New Opportunities Organization wide for Management and Media

Wed 22nd Jun 2016 - 11:40pm

Awaken eSports is currently looking to bring in new people for future plans and projects.  We are searching for highly motivated people who have ideas and goals that can further its' brand identity more efficiently as a eSports organization and a media company. These new positions and openings will allow us to focus on our main priorities: recruiting and developing professional players around the world and producing high-quality media while operating as a strong entity in eSports. This shift marks a new direction for Awaken and it's operations between our players, our staff, our corporate partners, and our content creators.  With the new positions that are open, this will allow our organization to operate efficently and effectively in this growing industry.

The following positions are for our C-Level management within the Board of Directors.

  • Chief Marketing Officer
    The Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for activities in an organization that have to do with creating, communicating, and delivering offerings to the consumers of the organization. He is also responsible for the organization's marketing and partnership strategies, working with content staff to incorporate sponsors into video and stream productions.
  • Chief Operations Officer
    This position is responsible for the development, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver products/services, while managing the professional teams, ensuring a clear line of strong communications between all departments, player-sponsor relations, along with locating, signing and developing talent, be they professional gamers, streamers, or content creators, and managing the organizational structure of the company.

  • Chief Communications Officer
    This position is responsible for ensuring high-quality and consistent written communication on platforms such as website and social media outlets, generating new features, recruiting content contributors from current players, staff and serves as chief public relations officer.
  • Chief Business Officer
    This position is responsible for matters relating to the business operations of Awaken, identifying new prospects & driving business growth, elaborating business development plans, business growth by working together with clients as well as business partners, building and maintaining high-level contacts with current partners, developing marketing strategies, proposal teams, and client accounts.

The following positions are for our staff-level positions within various aspects of the organization.

  • Administrative Assistant
    This position is responsible for providing a secondary administrative support for the team, handling of basic operations, help with the further establishment of the progression of corporate infrastructure, and to ensure corporate compliance.

  • Sales Representative – (Begins as a commission based position)
    This position is responsible for exploring and presenting new opportunities and corporate ventures, working with potential partners on sponsorship acquisition, Facilitate and maintain close relationships with partners.

  • Social Media Managers (Looking for 3-4 Managers)
    These positions are responsible for maintaining constant posting of the social media accounts, help monitoring trends in tools, applications and channels, create growth strategies for social media accounts, abd establish a solid fan interaction on social channels.

The following positions are for our media team within the organization, including content/streaming broadcasting and production.

  • Content Creator (YouTube)
    Our YouTube channel has been home to many titles. and currently we are looking for content directors that cover multiple topics such as: entertainment, tips and tricks, personality, news relating to the game, sponsor-centered videos, entertainment & personality and other areas. Training and support is provided, motivated and hardworking people are needed to ensure success of this position. 

    Games: CS:GO, Call of Duty, Smite, League of Legends, Halo, Dota 2, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm
  • Video Producers (YouTube)
    The video producers will edit and produce the majority of video content for Awaken, while control the creative direction of our video content across multiple channels and teams for our fans worldwide.
  • Content Creator (Writer)
    We are looking for people who can write editorials, conduct interviews, write guides, and any other articles you wish to write, articles will be posted on the Awaken website and all social media platforms.

If you feel that you could be a potential fit for any of these positions,  Please send any relevant experience, your resume, and any contact information to



Eric Rodriguez

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