Awaken is proud to welcome new European CSGO roster

Sun 19th Jun 2016 - 10:54pm

After our initial competitive CS:GO roster was released earlier this year, we have kept an eye out for a talented and dedicated team to return to the thriving scene. After this break from the CS:GO scene, we are very happy to announce our new CS:GO line up!

This is a team that shows incredible promise moving forward, and looking to the future we feel that the current roster will achieve new heights under our banner.

The newly created Eurpoean CSGO team now consist of:

Ross “Velor” Grogan
Jason "Zzzonked" Cassidy
Lasse "Ghost" Eriksson
Kyle "Eld"
Mike "Fr0st"

"We’re extremely excited to be part of the new Awaken era. It’s been quite few months since they’ve had a CS:GO team and we are extremely honored that they have chosen to give us an opportunity to represent them.
Ross "Velor" Grogen, CS:GO Team Captain

Eric "Spectre" Rodriguez, CAO of Awaken had this to say about the acquisition and relaunch. "We are ecstatic to dive back into Counter Strike, and feel very fortunate that this is the roster we are doing it with. This team is incredibly hardworking and hungry for success and I look forward to building and developing the team further."

Awaken is looking forward to another exciting year, and we believe that this team will reach new heights under our banner.



Eric Rodriguez

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