Awaken to relaunch program initative to form a equal opportunity for professional female gamers.

Wed 25th May 2016 - 10:39pm

Lincoln, NE May 25th, 2016 – Awaken eSports, LLC announces the reinstation of a program initative to form a equal opportunity for professional female players and entertainers in the global gaming industry.


My name is Tristin, most of you know me as the founder of Awaken. Over the years, I have witnessed a great rise within the eSports and gaming entertainment field over the last 3 years. With the rapid development of these scenes, I and the management at Awaken are always looking to invest into new and emerging eSports and entertainment opportunities.

After the last couple months, Eric Rodriguez on my behalf, had announced we were pursuing a new community direction, which means we have also been taking in your ideas, feedback, and concerns that can help Awaken further it's mission to become a global leader and present unprecendented opportunities for the eSports and Gaming Entertainment scene alike and after Eric and I conducted and spent a lot of time into careful research and consideration into some of our community's ideas, we felt again that there was a crucial piece missing - a powerful and inspiring presence of women in every aspect of gaming.

With that being said, we’re relaunching our all female program  dedicated to forming an equal opportunity for professional female players and entertainers in the gaming industry. This means there is potential with building and developing powerhouse teams of professional gamers and entertainers to appreciate them and their talent that they have and the uniqueness that they can bring to the table. This will be a uphill battle for us as we want to show that we value and embody the values of a diverse and equal organization for anyone with an interest in competiting, entertaining, or managing within gaming.

Recently, the increasing popularity of women within eSports has attracted the attention of companies industry-wide, and they are trying to reach the coveted millennial audiences and this is a great opportunity to expand our operations.

That’s why it is important for us to work together in not only within Awaken, but within the community and spread the mesage that shows the talent, dedication, and the impact that women can have in the eSports and entertainment industry, With powerhouse teams like CLG Red, which is under Counter Logic Gaming, and the multiple championship wins they have amassed because of the talented women behind it, this would grow the outreach into the community, and tell gamers, entertainers, and business professionals alike that, no matter what your gender is,  you can achieve it with hard work and dedication. 

As I've said before “What I’ve always loved about being a part of Awaken is engaging with the people who support us. For the last year I had to focus on new challenges that come from within not only my YouTube channel as it's been kicking off, but with us as a prolific brand, and it is because of that, we have lost connection with the public. Awaken is finally at the point where we want to get connected back to the public and the industry, and we wants what is best for all of you, which is providing a new and be a large part of our community.”

The opportunities are increasing in quality and quantity for the female scenes, and this progran is a new beginning for both us and this community of talented professionals. I hope you are as excited as I am and look forward to great things from this.

Founder of Awaken.



Tristin Chambers

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