Awaken Reloads With CS:GO

Fri 5th Feb 2016 - 3:51am

Today marks the day that Awaken announces its competitive debut into one of the biggest game franchises to date. Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been the gateway for many of today's gamers of both the casual and competitive nature, with a very dedicated, in-surging and supportive community and some of the most recognizable organizations like Cloud9, TSM, and Fnatic among others as well. We at Awaken hope to bring you a squad that is championship capable and a close-knit family as we have with our other teams.

We proudly present to you the 2016 Awaken Counter Strike squad:

Riley 'Hy' Nguyen
Clay 'D1vv' Lundy
Jae-Weon 'JuggernauT' Park
David 'Meta' Kim
Eli 'bLk' Rangel

This squad will make its first official appearance under the Awaken banner in the ESEA Open Season and in ESL Open Events. To ensure the team’s success, our veteran manager will be at the helm of management and administration for the team. Join us on Monday for the qualifiers and wish us the best.

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Awaken eSports has been on the forefront of many eSports, fostering rookie and veteran talent alike to compete at the highest levels of their respective games. Currently housing teams and players competing at an international level in  Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, SMITE, and Dota, we'll look look to emulate their success following the recruitment of our new Counter Strike: Global Offensive roster.

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