Official Statement regarding relationship with ArmaCentrum

Tue 13th Sep 2016 - 10:32pm

It has come to the attention of myself that staff of our previous Jersey supplier, ArmaCentrum has caused a issue that has affected us as a brand, team and entity.

One of the owners of ArmaCentrum recently interfered with our business relations by claiming we are not partnered with our partners. This is something we take to a high standard as we have done things properly and have been in contact with all of the companies we are affiliated with for over the last 3 months. 

They have also interfered and slandered our newest partner, JellyBrush who did our jerseys for us by saying it was Arma's mockup and logo on the tag, which we have shown these claims are invalid. JellyBrush has used their mockup for a very long time and we stand behind their quality and service they provided.

Privately, the staff of Arma (based in the UK) as warned me to stop talking the way I do on my personal social media. I currently live in the United States, where I am granted freedom of speech as long as I do not slander or damage one's personal self or image.

Being as Awaken is not clients of Arma and has been that way since May, we wish to distance ourselves from any communication of them and will continue to operate as usual.

Thank you for your time,




Tristin Chambers

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