Formal apology to the management of Team eLevate.

Mon 22nd Aug 2016 - 6:00pm

For this post I wanted to give everyone an apology for a situation we the past few months have been targeted for, and discuss what I and Awaken's staff will be hoping to accomplish and do to eliminate any further allowance of this under oversight.

Over the last two months there has been a lot of distractions attention on authenticity of articles on our site, as it became apparent after one of our staff members at the time had been the sole reason for plagiarism in content, which us as a company we don't allow in a professional or moral aspect, which lead us to a conversation regarding both parties resolving the matter privately for the interest, public look and operations of the parties from this day forward.

Additionally I have taken more sight and looking at always making sure we are not doing this and that if situations do come up with matters regarding or similar to this topic, we within Awaken are active in avoiding this at all costs, and because of this, I'd like to take the time to respectfully apolgize to Brandon Hatfield, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Team eLevate and Colin R., the Chief Brand Officer of Team eLevate for any wrongdoing in the past. As of very recently, I've spoken with Brandon on multiple occassions to apologize personally and professionally as I have the upmost respect for them and we have come to terms and settled this matter.

Brandon, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Team eLevate, during our conversation earlier this month told me the following "I appreciate that, and respect you for sending an apology our way. This all started because we didn't want people copying our work, and I thank you for understanding where we had this issue."

However at the end of the day, Flipside is first because I believe we have been doing things wrong these past few months and I want to make sure we do not progress down this road and help to build a positive image of eSports so it is more viable and healthy. We will be helping to join on that mission and sincerely try to move things in the positive direction. 

Thank you all,
Founder of Awaken eSports



Tristin Chambers

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