Awaken announces the Acquisition of Overwatch pro team

Mon 23rd May 2016 - 7:35pm

We at Awaken are excited to announce the acquisition of a top North American Overwatch team, consisting of Andrew "Incryptor" Baldwin, Tyler "IdioticGamer" Wohrman, Jared "Peaches" Hoff, Rohit "RiDeR" Patel, Matthew "BlastWave" Farr and Darius "Vorikx" David. Previously playing under the Spawnkilled bannner, this team has been solidifying future professional play and impressing an already highly-competitive scene.

Moving forward, the Awaken Overwatch roster will be as follows:

 Andrew "Incryptor" Baldwin

 Tyler "IdioticGamer" Wohrman

 Jared "Peaches" Hoff

 Rohit "RiDeR" Patel

 Matthew "BlastWave" Farr

 Darius "Vorikx" David

Be sure to check out the Awaken Overwatch team page to keep up with news and information from the players themselves. As always, check out our social pages below for more up-to-date news and information about all things Awaken:



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